Monday 29 December 2008

Secret Gig

This is a secret: I'll be playing a few tunes through the "modest" sound system at some bar or other in the evening of 2nd January, in association with one of the regular DJs, whose name escapes me, Slakker or Skittler or something like that ????

Monday 15 December 2008

DJ @ Killekill Berlin Jan 7 2009

First gig of the new year, I'll be playing Killekill at the Berghain Kantine in Berlin in Deutschland on January 7th as hinted in the title, see you there, obviously.

If you want to know what to expect (or what to avoid), scroll down this page for a ton of MP3 downloads from previous sets (oh okay lazy bones, just click here, here or here.)

P.S. I realise the excessive updates to this blog are most probably melting your RSS feed, sorry about that.

Tuesday 4 November 2008

Monday 3 November 2008

Ambient set available for download

Now that the magical threshold of, um.... 22 comments has been reached, here is the recording of the "semi-live" set from Tampere last month. Enjoy!
Password: gol47wh

(p.s. If you appreciate this album-length presentation of remixes, remade classic tracks and new material, you are always welcome to donate towards equipment costs.)

DJ in Stavanger, Norway 22 November 2008

This new date has been agreed, and details will appear here just as soon as information about it is forthcoming.

UPDATE: here we go -

venue: Tou Scene/stavanger/norway (
capacity: 200 - 250
artists: Cylob, Auton (norwegian IDM/Electronica) Dj Mo`10
opens: 22.00/03.30
CC: 90/50

I'm DJ-ing for 2 1/2 hours with the usual insanity, see you there!

Vinyl Update

Sorry I've been a bit slack on this, it's the winter vibes kicking in I'm afraid. Anyway I've received several wants lists, and I'm going to work out what to do soon. If you're interested in any of these records listed below, now is the time to get in touch. I can post anywhere. So far, Are We Not Men and Kinesthesia Volume 2 are in demand beyond availability, I'm not sure how to resolve that!

Tuesday 21 October 2008

Thursday 16 October 2008

Vinyl Stock To Go

I have some surplus stock which I just don't have room for any more. These are unplayed copies, currently located in Berlin. Any interest in acquiring them can be directed to

Kinesthesia Volume 2 x 3
Cylobian Sunset x 9
Rewind x 12
Living In The 1980s bw Sex Machine x 9
Cut The Midrange x 17
Cylobotnia x 3
Cylob Music System Volume 1 x 6
Cylob Music System Volume 2 x 3
Spider Report x 2
Are We Not Men Who Live And Die x 6

Tuesday 14 October 2008

Ambient cloud

Comment if you want to download.

Mansedanse DJ set MP3 via SoundCloud

Testing testing 1 2 SoundCloud let's see if it works shall we

update: yep it looks alright, easy to upload and resulting in a good looking embeddable object with nice functionality.

update2: holy xxxx, I found out that if you want to stick up more than a handful of tracks, it costs quite a lot of money! €60 a year I'd be down with, but €60 a month? I don't think I'll be back. Shame.

Bazfoul Live in Tampere - video

Here is a musical clip from the ambient set, together with a sample of the visuals that were being projected at the same time. They were created with SuperCollider - various presets specifying the shapes and colours were being chosen, mixed up and morphed between in real time. The image compression involved in making and uploading the video has created loads of nasty artifacts not present in the original, just for your information! Although they are sort of cute in themselves. You have to see this projected on a large screen, it looked crisp.

The Rave Cake

It was my birthday in Tampere on Saturday, where I was playing the Mansedanse festival as mentioned previously. To celebrate, two of the crew Hanna and Wilhelmiina baked this crazy rave cake. As can be seen, it was as acid within as on the outside, and a couple of mouthfuls was all it took to experience an intense sugar rush. They also presented me with a pair of limited edition "cylob" labelled mittens, which will come in useful soon enough here in Berlin, where the winters are supposed to be very wintery (today it was 19 degrees and sunny, it didn't stop me trying out the wooly gloves though.)

Shocking Statement

Society will crumble

(thanks to Aleksi for my birthday present new shirt and Sakari Karipuro for the pic, taken at Mansedanse, Tampere last saturday.)

Monday 13 October 2008

CMS Terminal

I got a hardware update for my music system. More soon.

A Picture Of Berlin

I've hardly taken any, but here's one from a few weeks ago.

Wednesday 8 October 2008

Mansedanse, Tampere tomorrow 9th Oct 2008

Word to the Finnish crew, just to remind you that tomorrow I'll be doing this ambient set in Tampere. No, I won't be playing an endless sustained chord, or whale samples... in fact there will be very little use of effects, since it is a bit of a cliche to pile on the delay and reverb under such circumstances, and I wanted to resist this temptation. It will be something between a DJ and a live set: I'll be playing all of my own music, a nice selection of recreated old favourites and new stuff, balancing 8 channels of audio. Last night I programmed the mildly hypnotic visuals. I can't wait to see them projected, it's going to look mental. So come out tomorrow and catch something special... Also don't forget the party on Saturday 11th when I'll be playing the dancefloor set along with DMX Krew and Altern 8, enough said!

More info: Mansedanse 2008

Friday 12 September 2008

MP3 - A Double Dose of Style Free

Here are the last two DJ sets I played, fresh from a few days ago. Finally I can get through a whole set without crashing! That's the one from Wednesday - the previous Sunday's effort contains a couple of unplanned ambient interludes.

As usual, I was using the Monome, in a similar way to this exciting video! (by the way, I've made it flash in time with the beat again.) All the skipping / instant remix and effects functions have been coming together nicely. I'm happier with these sets than I have been with previous efforts (being my own worst critic.) Anyway you can make your own mind up.

Golden Pudel, Hamburg - Sunday 7 September
Part1 / Part2

Killekill @ Berghain Kantine, Berlin - Wednesday 10 September
Part1 / Part2

Tuesday 9 September 2008

Berlin the next week and a half

Wednesday 10 September - I'm playing the Berghain Kantine.
Friday 12 September - Leisure System at Berghain and Luke Vibert at Icon.
Saturday 20 September - EDMX at Dub Club and Dopplereffekt at Club Maria.

If you are around, come out to play!

Monday 25 August 2008

Sunday 17 August 2008

Cylob @ Mansedanse, Finland Oct 9 & 11 2008

Here's the festival in Tampere, Finland that I'll be playing twice in October: an ambient set on the 9th and a dancefloor set on the 11th. I don't know how it will be on the 9th, but I perpetually dream of playing a gig where people sit down, shut up and listen instead of SHOUTING so loud that I can't hear what I'm doing despite it coming out of a 50k rig!

The line-up also includes the one man crew of DMX Krew, and if any more members left Altern-8 there would be an eerie silence instead of the inevitable breaks and rave stabs. (P.S. is there any genre of music that doesn't sound better in the presence of green lazers, dry ice and strobe lighting?)

Thursday 14 August 2008

Cylob Sets On MP3

Once again, the title is just for the search engines, and not to insult your intelligence.
Here's a recap of some of the sets I've put online in the last few years:

DJ (featuring the same tracks being played in a slightly different order each time)
Club Maria, Berlin, August 2008: Part 1 Part 2
Braunschweig July 2008 Part 1 Part 2
Deptford, London May 2008 (previously unreleased) Part 1 Part 2
Plex, London March 2008
Bonkers, Seattle Feb 2008
Fribourg, December 2007
Acid On Sea, London 2006
Glade Festival 2005
Britain's Best DJ 2005

London, December 2007
Tokyo, October 2007
Osaka, October 2007
London, December 2006

Plus, some other stuff:

YouTube Account - stop motion animation, monome demonstrations and misc tracks.
Vimeo Account - more monome stuff.
Guide to the Cylob Music System

Thursday 7 August 2008

DJ Cylob @ Berghain Kantine, Berlin 10 Sep 2008

Latest gig to be confirmed: Wednesday / Mittwoch 10 September, Killekill @ Berghain Kantine, Berlin, Deutschland.

Killekill Club
at Berghain Kantine
Access via Wriezener Karree
Start: 22:00
free until 24:00
5€ after 24:00

DJ Cylob / EPY / Litwinenko (Detroit Underground)

DJ Cylob @ Club Maria - MP3

I'm in two minds about this set... for one thing, there were some technical difficulties at the start. (A particularly slack 10 minutes has been edited out of the recording below. I haven't been too Stalinesque though, there are plenty of mistakes later on, don't worry about that.) These are mostly tunes I've played many times before, I don't know why I wasn't being very adventurous with the selection. On the other hand, the new skippy functions and liberal use of effects gives the set plenty of interesting moments. There is no crowd noise on the recording, but the response was really good! The best there's been in a while. Also, the visuals went really well, which was a bonus. OK so judge the recording for yourself.

Part 1 / Part 2

p.s. If you find the last five minutes a little hectic, try following that with something a bit more chilled out.

Tuesday 5 August 2008

Back To The Pudel - Hamburg 7 September 2008

I haven't been to this place in 9 years or so, and I'm amazed that it's still going. So here you go - I'll be dj-ing at Hamburg's finest nano-club, the Golden Pudel on Sunday 7 September 2008. I also have 2 gigs lined up for October 9 and 11 as part of a festival, but I'm not supposed to reveal anything until the organisers do.

Friday 1 August 2008

Berlin 2 Aug - time slot change

Yo, apparently I'm now playing from 1-3 am tomorrow. Once again, it's at:

Club Maria
Maria Am Ostbahnhof, Stralauer Platz 34 / 35, An Der Schillingbrücke, Friendrichshain, Berlin.
1 - 3 DJ Cylob
3 - 5 Rob Hall
5 ... Adam X

I've been doing more to my program, as usual, and I now have a set of functions that skip around in the track to create real-time "edits" and fills. It sounds mental! If you are in or around Berlin, don't miss this gig, especially if you need something different to minimal techno.

Friday 18 July 2008

DJ Cylob @ Braunschweig 12 July - MP3

You know the score...



This time, the visuals worked like a charm, along with a few additions. The real-time stats have been improved, and the visual representation of DJ-ing activity now includes when the effects are patched in. See it for yourself in a couple of weeks in Berlin!
Music-wise this was a mostly solid selection with the odd wacky moment... I had a mishap halfway through when the Monome became unplugged, which meant I had to then restart my program, playing a track off iTunes in the meantime. That didn't seem to ruin things too much though.

Sunday 6 July 2008

DJ Cylob, 2 Aug in Berlin, Deutschland


Please refer to this later post:

Got Googled

I don't know if this is new or old news, but standing around on a nearby street in Berlin one morning early last week, I was passed by a slow driving black car, complete with roof mounted cameras and a Google sticker on the side. So when the Berlin street view comes out, as it surely will, look out for me staring grumpily at the van with my arms folded, wearing a yellow t-shirt and black jeans. Unless they've perfected their face blurring technology by then, of course.

Saturday 14 June 2008

DJ Cylob - Braunschweig, Deutschland - Samstag Juli 12

First booking of the new era.

Sat July 12, doors 21:00
Abteilung für Sonische Forschung @ HBK (Univ. of Arts), Braunschweig
the venue adress is: Johannes Selenka Platz 1, Braunschweig
lineup: Cylob, DJ Donna Summer, DJ Sci

Monday 2 June 2008

Friday 23 May 2008

Record Collection Must Go!

I have job lots of old school hip-hop, techno and electro vinyl that need to go before I move. Below are the links to the ads. If you mention this blog in your reply I'll give you a healthy discount. Buyer collects from west London!
I will not show you into my inner sanctum, nor am I selling any mega-rare white labels. Keep an eye here, I will update the status of the lots, and note when new ones go up.

[update] gone!

Tuesday 20 May 2008

New Performance System

(thanks to the Polizøn Crew for the vid.)

So this is how it was in Madrid, with my own visuals patch running on a second laptop. The pretty patterns are reflecting the status of buttons on the Monome, the text scrolling at the top is showing track titles, below that is the beat count (ie the number of beats so far) and the text at the bottom is showing things like the BPM, Process.elapsedTime (if you are an SC person you will know what that means) and various rave instructions ("time to make the floor burn" etc.)

Shame it stopped working after about half an hour! It just goes to show, you should always test a system as it will be used. I shan't bore you with the details, but next time it will stay the course, if there is ever a next time... (P.S. I'm perpetually available for discotheque duty.)

Wednesday 14 May 2008


Here is the news: I'm moving to Berlin, initially for 6 months. I'll be landing on the 1st June, so if you live there and want to be my friend, drop me a line.

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Madrid Gig Streaming?

I can't guarantee anything, as I don't know on which part of the website it will be available, if at all. However, I've been told my gig in Madrid tomorrow night (Thursday 8th May) will be streamed live here:


Computer Music issue 126 / June 08

Sunday 4 May 2008

Saturday 3 May 2008


Did this a few days ago, a new sequencer for the MMS - PolyRow, inspired by the PolyMachine in ixiQuarks. Nothing much to listen to, just proving the concept as usual.

Monday 28 April 2008

Friday 25 April 2008

Bangface appearance time

The weekend schedule is supposed to be above top secret, so I hope I won't be shot for letting on that I'm playing tonight / friday night 7-10 PM in the "Queen Vic" (aka Room 3) see you there!

Tuesday 22 April 2008

DJ Cylob - London - 6 & 17 May

The gigs are coming in thick and fast for May! Here's a couple, both in London.

The first is a Cybersonica event on Tuesday 6 May, where I'll be demonstrating some of the music making software I've been working on, and my use of the Monome. More info will appear here:

The second is a Flesh Dunce mini-rave in South London, for which I'll be DJ-ing with my own system, possibly incorporating a little live beat jamming:

Flesh Dunce presents CYLOB and TRENCHER
@ The Bunker Club
46 Deptford Broadway SE8
Saturday 17th May
Entry £3.00

Monday 7 April 2008


I'll say it again, thanks very much if you sent me a donation on the back of my recent digital EP release. I really appreciate it, but more to the point, it does actually make a big difference in terms of being able to pursue my musical activities. The good thing about having a blog is that you can see this process for yourself.

Flyer for Madrid

The mean and moody picture is by Emma Jane Richards. It looks like some studio pose but it's simply from my Bangface gig in December 2006, under red and green lights, as I was looking to one side trying to work out which knob to twiddle (hence the hard stare)

Anyway here is the official flyer for Madrid, and it contains all pertinent information:

POLIZØN presenta - por primera vez en Madrid a CYLOB
en un DJ set especial de 3 horas

+ Polizøn DJs

Jueves, 8 De May De 2008
Sala Ritmo y Compás / Conde de Vilches, 22
Metros: Diego de León / Cartagena / Avd. América
Entrada: 12 euros con refresco / cerveza

Más información:

Wednesday 2 April 2008

MMS - Chord Sequencer

Demonstrating the creation and storing of chords, editing individual notes for velocity, tuning and sound variation, editing a separate group of these parameters for the overall chord, and then sequencing these chords. Sorry the harmonies I came up with aren't very nice to listen to, I was concentrating on showing the features and keeping everything in frame.

Saturday 29 March 2008

Chord Store

Literally just got this working.

Friday 28 March 2008

Yeah it looks nice

Dear Novation, please send me one because an endorsement from me would surely send sales figures soaring.

I think it would be fun to turn it into a sequencer, along the lines of this:

with shades of this:

(in both cases, I refer to the concepts shown rather than the music itself!)

Cylob - DJ in Madrid, Spain Thursday 8 May 2008

Somehow, I've managed to cram this gig into my busy schedule:

Thursday 8th may 2008:
Polizøn @ Ritmo y Compás, Madrid

Doors will open at midnight.

More info soon.

Thursday 27 March 2008

MMS - Step Sequencer Play

Demonstrating a few more features, including transforms. I forgot to show that you can also add FX to each step individually, and that each step can play any one of 4 sounds, but anyway you get the idea.

Monday 24 March 2008

More Orange Squares

(Update - see above instead. All my orange squares are at

The step sequencer is new.

Drum Machine Robot

via a million other blogs, but it's too good not to include in my online scrapbook.

Sunday 23 March 2008


Addicted to this tune at the moment, whatever that says.

Plus, check the style in this vid:

What freaks! I mean that in a good way. When I get my own funk band together, I know who to look to for sartorial inspiration.

Wednesday 19 March 2008


Here's a nice page I just found:

I tried to get into trackers a few times but always gave up almost straight away. I stuck with Player Pro for a week or two one time, mainly because I spent 80 dollars on it, but that was all. I thought I would be into the concept of music represented as a load of numbers, since I got started using the MC-50 which is entirely number oriented, and on a miniscule 2 x 16 character display too. Then again, maybe that's the point. The less information your eyes are confronted with, the more you store in your head, and music isn't meant to be seen after all. So it's up to me to make my ideal tracker with something like 8 numbers on display at any one time instead of 800.
Anyway I found these screenshots inspiring, and they're not all trackers, some interfaces look totally bizarre. They all contain links to the programs shown, which is a useful resource if you're into these things. I shall be duly mining these links for inspiration.

P.S. on the subject of bizarre music software, try using Mammut for five minutes without feeling dizzy.

Friday 14 March 2008

MMS - Drum Machine

I've been working on the Monome Music System for a week and a half now, but it didn't make a sound until tonight. The interface lends itself rather obviously to drum programming, which is as good a place to start as any. This is just a demo, so the drum pattern isn't the best ever (especially since I only had one free hand as usual.)

UPDATE: Now up on (and thanks very much to) MatrixSynth.

Wednesday 12 March 2008


Insert impressed expletive here.

Melodyne brought out my female side for doing the vocals to "Pepper Spray," which by the way were originally sung in monotone.

Friday 7 March 2008

Drum arcade makes it on stage

I've been writing Masayuki Akamatsu fan letters, since I found his akaRemote software so useful, and thanks to my SuperCollider classes for his interface I got a mention on his blog, which was cool. I wrote to tell him of my idea for putting arcade players on stage: having witnessed a "drummer" in a Kyoto arcade playing with an incredible degree of accuracy, I figured it would be possible to make a whole band of players following game-style falling blocks, programmed according to my music, and playing as robotically as any machine (95% of my music is rigidly quantised - I see it as part of the challenge to make the expression come from other elements.) He wrote back to link me to a video of his 2001 piece "Pray For Rain" which uses a very similar idea.
Choose your own ending to this post:
"I guess that means great minds really do think alike."
"Next time I'll try to come up with an idea that isn't already seven years old."

DJ Cylob @ Plex, 1 March 2008 - MP3

The usual deal:
click here

Thursday 6 March 2008

It really is this easy

Please don't bother to read this poppycock!
Come on, what are you waiting for, give me your one days wages!

Hey I made it to 200 posts of these self-aggrandising dribblings. Well, I'm not going to make a bar graph or pie chart, but thanks to all those who have been supportive in one way or another over the past year. Sorry if I didn't manage to reply to your email but all communication gets read and nice vibes are appreciated.

Monday 3 March 2008

Pretty Flashing Lights

I'm going to be documenting my Monome experiments via a Vimeo account, so there will soon be plenty of videos of lights darting around in pretty patterns. I have my box next to me now flashing away, it's very therapeutic, like a 21st Century lava lamp.

For all this hot orange square action, click here.

Friday 29 February 2008


Here is your handy cut out and keep guide to the Monome interface for Kombine BeatHarvester:

As you can see, it features one 9-bit and two 5-bit crossfaders!

Below are some shots of the track browser in action, see if you can make out which famous Detroit Techno track is being selected:

KBH & Monome Crossfader Mixing Demo

Tuesday 26 February 2008

KBH / Monome / akaRemote

A short demonstration of a few of the features. I didn't go wild, it's a bit hard to while having one hand tied up holding the camera.

Can YOU tell what's going on in this video?

Well, neither can I. I've only got 4 days left to learn how to use it!

P.S. It's my Monome track browser for Kombine BeatHarvester. What you are seeing are collection names, artist names and titles, and BPM info. The typeface consists of letters that are 2 x 3 pixels, and numbers that are 3 x 3.

Wednesday 20 February 2008

Pepper Spray

New track is up on MySpace.

UPDATE: It just got played on Radio 1 "Introducing", thanks to Louise (the producer) and Huw (the presenter)... that made my evening! Not bad for a track that didn't exist in any shape or form until a week last saturday, and was only finished monday night.

UPDATE 2: Huw "sprayed" me again last night (27th.) Looks like I should get my PRS form off pronto, so I can go down the pub and "spray" my ill-gotten performance royalties up the wall as soon as possible.

Monday 18 February 2008

Plex - London 1st March flyer

I'll be busting out the futuristic DJ style as per Seattle, with a further trick up my sleeve, which I am busy coding for right now!
More info:

Thursday 14 February 2008

DJ Cylob in Seattle Feb 08 - MP3

pic (c) Damon

DJ eye's view

**** Contains swear words ****

Setlist in the comments.

Me and Jimi

I'm not a tourist, I'm a traveller.

Friday 8 February 2008

3 things about the Seattle gig

photo (c) Damon

1. The Bonkers crew, who put on the party, and 99% of the audience, were super friendly. However, Mace was sprayed in the venue during my set - under what circumstances is unclear, so for the last half an hour there was a weird peppery sensation in the air.

2. After I played, one audience member asked if he could make an equipment donation in person rather than through PayPal. No problem! I accepted without counting, which would have been vulgar and it would have meant the same whether large or small. Of course I checked it later, and was shocked at the amount - thank you kind Sir, you were very generous.

3. This was the second gig I've done performing entirely with my own DJ software, without the use of a safety net, and the first using my recently acquired (last sunday) Monome 128. I barely touched the laptop or mixer - the Monome was used to control track selection, loading and playing, random access, looping, crossfading and tempo, and worked flawlessly (apart from slips of fingers now and again.) A future post will reveal more details. Using SuperCollider, I wrote the DJ prog in 2 weeks, and the Monome interface in 3 1/2 days, so you can take your shitty Max / MSP patch and stick it up your arse!

Friday 1 February 2008

DJ Cylob @ Plex, London, Saturday 1 March 2008

(I'm sure you haven't forgotten which blog you're reading, the title is just so the search engines pick this up.)

PLEX - 1st March 2008

Cylob [Rephlex, Cylob Industries]
Rustie [Stuffrecords]
Hazell [Outlet Collective]
Luke Handsfree
James Tec

@ Korsan Bar
161-165 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AL

£6 in adv / On the door

Advance tickets via paypal:

More info at:

Monday 28 January 2008

New Cylob EP on MP3

Cylob Industries CSR 005 M : Cylob : Late In The Day

You can get it here - the password is "luscious2". You don't need to pay anything in order to access this release, but if you would like to donate towards my equipment costs, you can do so here. It will also appear on the usual digital music sites soon.

*** UPDATE: I've had a few donations already, which is amazing, thankyou very much. I would be happy to personally mail everyone who does so, however, I have to bear in mind that it could be perceived as a bit invasive. Still, you can take my appreciation for granted.

*** UPDATE 2: I have added an .html section to the download, with my web page links and the paypal button. You may distribute this wherever you like, but please include those files if you do so. Thanks!

Sunday 27 January 2008


The Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music contains a collection of essays covering the history and methods of electronic music making (funnily enough), along with some artist statements from luminaries such as Stockhausen, Max Mathews, Kevin Saunderson and (ahem) myself... That's right, I'm now a published authority on the subject, and contributer to an official Cambridge University tome, which makes me better than you, obviously. The most important three paragraphs in this publication can be found on page 77 - these alone are worth seventeen pounds of anyone's money.

Saturday 26 January 2008

On its way

CSR 005 M is a 22 minute, 6 track EP.

Saturday 19 January 2008

Downloads + Hard Sell

(yep, I told you!)

OK let's have a quick recap:-

London, December 2007
Tokyo, October 2007
Osaka, October 2007
London, December 2006

Fribourg, December 2007
Acid On Sea, London 2006
Glade Festival 2005
Britain's Best DJ 2005

Alpine Acid (!)
Get A Taste
Rock The Trojan Fader

Brentford To Little Venice, Winter
Brentford To Little Venice, Spring

Kensington Bells
Japanese Train

You may enjoy these downloads - with a total value of over $60 - absolutely FREE with our compliments! You can purchase more of this stuff by either searching "cylob" on iTunes or similar MP3 store, or by visiting one of these fine retailers.

Friday 18 January 2008

Live in London 6 December 2007 - MP3

Me, the promoter, his partner, his friend, and the entire audience, at The Half Moon, Herne Hill, London.

You can download a desk recording of this set HERE ... thrill to the bits where I play live keyboard or enter beats in real-time! I had to cut the sound in a few places due to the notorious SuperCollider audio glitch problem, and I've applied some eq, compression and level-riding, but apart from that, this is how it was.

Wednesday 16 January 2008

Alpine Acid

We present to you this complimentary release, consisting of six quickly made, artless 303 tracks, yours to keep and treasure for eternity!

(Thanks to Pitch Mode for the use of his studio.)

Tuesday 15 January 2008

DJ in London, Feb 2 2008

Cylob + DJ Venom + others

@ The Old Blue Last, Great Eastern Street, London.
Free, 9 - 1.30 am.


Monday 14 January 2008

DJ in Seattle, Thursday 7 Feb 2008

One-off west coast U.S. date.

"Bonkers! A night of fresh hot Braindance.
Thursday February 7th @ The Re-bar, 1114 Howell St., Seattle.
10pm - 2am.
Featuring --> Cylob & Jacob London with residents Mr. Zillion, The Naturebot, and Erictronic."

Here's the flyer:

More info at:

Sunday 13 January 2008

Opinion Up

As previously stated, by and large I keep my blog controversy free, since it's just a boring blurb sheet for my nosediving "career." Look what happens when somebody speaks their mind on the interweb: they get labelled as "opinionated." OK fine, but personally I like to read someone pouring forth on what they're up to and what is bugging them! Analog Industries is always worth a read, especially when its author lays into the very customers he relies on. Benn Jordan has fired up his blog again, witness him bite the hand that feeds and tell it like it is about Native Instruments' software copy protection and NAMM's tinpot bureaucracy.

V/A Various Acid

Acid - the sound that refused to die, and then became trendy again. I must admit there's a part of me which says, how many more times do I need to hear the twang of a 303, but at the same time I just can't get enough. I have contributed to this new WeMe album - it's really good! And not just my track (which by the way was made on my own digital 303 replica that sounds nothing like the real thing.) Luke Vibert, EDMX, Todd Osborn (part time Sound Murderer), Ceephax and Syntheme are also featured, along with a few other collaborators. If that doesn't appeal at all, then give up.

Check the track list here, and buy it here.

Retro Thing old calc post

A major lapse of memory on my part has lead to a breakdown in blog etiquette for which I can only beg forgiveness and rectify thus: Retro Thing linked to my post about old calculators, which was pretty cool, so here's the boomerang. It's one of my favourite pages on the whole innernette, so there you go.

Sunday 6 January 2008

Time Machine

Me and Global Goon in about 1995.

Friday 4 January 2008

The Quinkey

(From Acorn User magazine, April 1984.)

Lunar Colony

(from SCIENCE Journal, May 1969)

Thursday 3 January 2008

Pocket Calculator

(from SCIENCE Journal, May 1969)

BBC Micro Sound

I'm scan happy tonight, here's a PDF I made of the pages in the BBC Micro manual relating to its sound functions. It's fairly arcane. I used to just put random values into the envelope function until it made noises like a deranged arcade, way back when I was 9 or 10.

New Computer

I'm torn between the PDP-12 and the Raytheon 706. What do you think?

(from SCIENCE Journal, May 1969 - five shillings.)

DJ Cylob in Fribourg - MP3

Here's my new year present for you:

Hope you like it!

Wednesday 2 January 2008

Club Dog, June 1994

My second ever live set, I believe, under the name Kinesthesia of course. At the old George Robey pub in Finsbury Park, London. Were you there? Do you remember anything? I don't, apart from being deaf for two days afterwards.

Yes, it really happened.

I'm having a new year clutter clearout, having got myself a scanner recently, so combine the two and here is a mementoid from the past: A flyer for a gig featuring Autechre, Boards Of Canada, Pan (a) Sonic, Mira Calix (before that name existed) and Mark Broom, "headlined" by myself. The inverted commas are appropriate, as the only reason I played last was because Autechre were about to go on tour and needed to rev up the tour bus early, although the promoter rather patronisingly suggested otherwise. Of course half the audience cleared off when I came on stage (not for the last time!) And right down on the bottom of the bill was BOC before their mega-success. I often wonder what might have been, if it had been my brand of crunchy beats and floaty melodies that had caught on instead of theirs, as I bang my head against the wall and sob endlessly! Ha not really, led us a fiver will you guys! Watch out behind you next time you cross the road, alright? Only joking!