Friday 12 September 2008

MP3 - A Double Dose of Style Free

Here are the last two DJ sets I played, fresh from a few days ago. Finally I can get through a whole set without crashing! That's the one from Wednesday - the previous Sunday's effort contains a couple of unplanned ambient interludes.

As usual, I was using the Monome, in a similar way to this exciting video! (by the way, I've made it flash in time with the beat again.) All the skipping / instant remix and effects functions have been coming together nicely. I'm happier with these sets than I have been with previous efforts (being my own worst critic.) Anyway you can make your own mind up.

Golden Pudel, Hamburg - Sunday 7 September
Part1 / Part2

Killekill @ Berghain Kantine, Berlin - Wednesday 10 September
Part1 / Part2

Tuesday 9 September 2008

Berlin the next week and a half

Wednesday 10 September - I'm playing the Berghain Kantine.
Friday 12 September - Leisure System at Berghain and Luke Vibert at Icon.
Saturday 20 September - EDMX at Dub Club and Dopplereffekt at Club Maria.

If you are around, come out to play!