Monday 25 August 2008

Sunday 17 August 2008

Cylob @ Mansedanse, Finland Oct 9 & 11 2008

Here's the festival in Tampere, Finland that I'll be playing twice in October: an ambient set on the 9th and a dancefloor set on the 11th. I don't know how it will be on the 9th, but I perpetually dream of playing a gig where people sit down, shut up and listen instead of SHOUTING so loud that I can't hear what I'm doing despite it coming out of a 50k rig!

The line-up also includes the one man crew of DMX Krew, and if any more members left Altern-8 there would be an eerie silence instead of the inevitable breaks and rave stabs. (P.S. is there any genre of music that doesn't sound better in the presence of green lazers, dry ice and strobe lighting?)

Thursday 14 August 2008

Cylob Sets On MP3

Once again, the title is just for the search engines, and not to insult your intelligence.
Here's a recap of some of the sets I've put online in the last few years:

DJ (featuring the same tracks being played in a slightly different order each time)
Club Maria, Berlin, August 2008: Part 1 Part 2
Braunschweig July 2008 Part 1 Part 2
Deptford, London May 2008 (previously unreleased) Part 1 Part 2
Plex, London March 2008
Bonkers, Seattle Feb 2008
Fribourg, December 2007
Acid On Sea, London 2006
Glade Festival 2005
Britain's Best DJ 2005

London, December 2007
Tokyo, October 2007
Osaka, October 2007
London, December 2006

Plus, some other stuff:

YouTube Account - stop motion animation, monome demonstrations and misc tracks.
Vimeo Account - more monome stuff.
Guide to the Cylob Music System

Thursday 7 August 2008

DJ Cylob @ Berghain Kantine, Berlin 10 Sep 2008

Latest gig to be confirmed: Wednesday / Mittwoch 10 September, Killekill @ Berghain Kantine, Berlin, Deutschland.

Killekill Club
at Berghain Kantine
Access via Wriezener Karree
Start: 22:00
free until 24:00
5€ after 24:00

DJ Cylob / EPY / Litwinenko (Detroit Underground)

DJ Cylob @ Club Maria - MP3

I'm in two minds about this set... for one thing, there were some technical difficulties at the start. (A particularly slack 10 minutes has been edited out of the recording below. I haven't been too Stalinesque though, there are plenty of mistakes later on, don't worry about that.) These are mostly tunes I've played many times before, I don't know why I wasn't being very adventurous with the selection. On the other hand, the new skippy functions and liberal use of effects gives the set plenty of interesting moments. There is no crowd noise on the recording, but the response was really good! The best there's been in a while. Also, the visuals went really well, which was a bonus. OK so judge the recording for yourself.

Part 1 / Part 2

p.s. If you find the last five minutes a little hectic, try following that with something a bit more chilled out.

Tuesday 5 August 2008

Back To The Pudel - Hamburg 7 September 2008

I haven't been to this place in 9 years or so, and I'm amazed that it's still going. So here you go - I'll be dj-ing at Hamburg's finest nano-club, the Golden Pudel on Sunday 7 September 2008. I also have 2 gigs lined up for October 9 and 11 as part of a festival, but I'm not supposed to reveal anything until the organisers do.

Friday 1 August 2008

Berlin 2 Aug - time slot change

Yo, apparently I'm now playing from 1-3 am tomorrow. Once again, it's at:

Club Maria
Maria Am Ostbahnhof, Stralauer Platz 34 / 35, An Der Schillingbr├╝cke, Friendrichshain, Berlin.
1 - 3 DJ Cylob
3 - 5 Rob Hall
5 ... Adam X

I've been doing more to my program, as usual, and I now have a set of functions that skip around in the track to create real-time "edits" and fills. It sounds mental! If you are in or around Berlin, don't miss this gig, especially if you need something different to minimal techno.