Friday 29 June 2007

New Video

Here is the incredible new video for my latest single. The computer graphics took a server farm of over two thousand machines nearly 17 days to render. I'm sure you'll agree the result was worth it.

DJ in Bournemouth Friday 20 July

Cylob, Jac The Disco, Aotea, True Swamp Neglect, Skitanja.

Friday 20th July 2007, starts 8 O'clock.
First band 9 prompt
The Portman Hotel 97 Ashley Road Bournemouth Dorset BH1 4LT
Cost: £5
More info:

Cylob Live in Japan 19-20 October

Friday 19 October @ Clapper, Osaka. More info:
Saturday 20 October @ Colors Studio, Tokyo. More info:

Monday 25 June 2007

Digital equals Analogue

Emulate analogue synthesis in digital system:

Use filters with characteristics derived from analogue models
Pitch drift between each synthesiser (slow moving LFO for each sequencer)
Noisy circuits (very small amounts of noise-derived jitter applied to each sound parameter)
Squashed or stretched octaves (tuning transform map with cent deviation facility)
Pitch energy (pitch envelope applied in very small amount to every note on)
Variable envelope precision (a tiny amount of random scaling applied to overall time)

To do:
Non-linearity / distortion (subtle waveshaping on each output)
Overall sound character (mix in tightly delayed signal at low volumes, use of EQ)

Sunday 24 June 2007


Finished it yesterday:

EDIT: You may preview the Bounds Green album on myspace:

A Couple More Mentions

Sonic Heart is a new blog focused on the Boston music scene. They featured the jukebox without even asking for the exclusive track, well I'll probably send it anyway. On The Wire goes out on BBC Radio Lancashire, and has a music policy of dub and dubstep, spooky ambience, weird guitar-y things and electronic music. I am pleased to report they played my latest effort.

Pirates of the Past

The Jungle Preserve
London Pirates
Durftal Pirate Radio Archive

If you know of any more similar resources, please leave a comment.

Friday 22 June 2007

Ear lending 2

Listen to Private Life. Apparently it's out already on SoulJazz records, SJR 160 12.

Tuesday 19 June 2007

I'll bribe you

Hi, you may have noticed I've been whoring my tracks around recently, well if you feature the flash player (in the post "Lend An Ear" below) on your website, blog or myspace, I'll send you an exclusive track (promise.) I'm offering to do this up until the 9th July.

You need to paste this code into your website, then send an email to with "Bribe" in the subject line, your name, the www address of the website you posted it to, and which email address you want me to send the track to, if not the one you're using. (Make sure your email account can handle 5 or 6 MB...) The track will be delivered on or close to 9 July.

Mine's better

There's a new 808 style VST called Nepheton:

It's a valiant attempt I suppose, but even without the real thing in front of me to compare to, it doesn't sound anything like an 808. Also the graphics are difficult to look at and made me feel nauseous, and the interface is fiddly. My drum machine page is loads better, even though it doesn't try to emulate an 808 (all the better for that...)

I'm glad I don't have to rely on some idiot programmer's idea of what a digital musical instrument should be any more.

Cylob Music System

Me Spaces

It's not only Brian who has been grabbing vast areas of MySpace real estate:

Cut The Midrange
Bounds Green

22 Tracks in total, if you want.

Thursday 14 June 2007

Lend An Ear

Below, you may preview the new releases:

If you would like to feature this Flash player on your blog or website, you can find the code here.

Wednesday 13 June 2007


The label on the record that is soon to be rocking the dancefloor.

Cylob Industries Launch Party

I'm DJ'ing at Ginglik, London, UK on Saturday 7th July in order to celebrate kicking off my new (ad)venture.

Tuesday 12 June 2007

I got Spannered

The Cylob publicity juggernaut grinds mercilessly onwards, this time crushing the extremely well-designed music site Spannered.

Edit: Undomondo have also featured my track along with a lush bit of electronically warped Japanese dub.

Sunday 10 June 2007

New Releases July 2007

I'm starting my own net label, called Cylob Industries. MP3's will appear first on, then other services will follow in time. These are the first two: they will be available from next month. The single "Rock The Trojan Fader" has already been played on Radio 1 thanks to Mary Anne Hobbs, and can be previewed on my MySpace page. "Trojan Fader Style" is a 1 track album that lasts nearly an hour. If you checked my Bangface live set, you will have a rough idea what some of it sounds like. More info at

Thursday 7 June 2007


I'm playing this in August.

Not 4 but 6 'Skins

Who is The Tuss? Yawn! I played a gig the other week, and one of the promoters asked me that question. I shrugged. "Are YOU The Tuss?" he followed. "Do you REALLY think so?" I replied, with exaggerated incredulity. "...yeah!" I rolled my eyes. (Hey Mr. promoter, if you're reading this, I'm not having a go or anything, especially since I'd like you to book me again, but you must realise I was rather amused by this conversation...)

Brian Tregaskin
Brian Trageskin
Brian Tregaksin
Patrick Tregaskin
Karen Tregaskin
The Tuss

I like Patrick best, so far.