Monday 28 April 2008

Friday 25 April 2008

Bangface appearance time

The weekend schedule is supposed to be above top secret, so I hope I won't be shot for letting on that I'm playing tonight / friday night 7-10 PM in the "Queen Vic" (aka Room 3) see you there!

Tuesday 22 April 2008

DJ Cylob - London - 6 & 17 May

The gigs are coming in thick and fast for May! Here's a couple, both in London.

The first is a Cybersonica event on Tuesday 6 May, where I'll be demonstrating some of the music making software I've been working on, and my use of the Monome. More info will appear here:

The second is a Flesh Dunce mini-rave in South London, for which I'll be DJ-ing with my own system, possibly incorporating a little live beat jamming:

Flesh Dunce presents CYLOB and TRENCHER
@ The Bunker Club
46 Deptford Broadway SE8
Saturday 17th May
Entry £3.00

Monday 7 April 2008


I'll say it again, thanks very much if you sent me a donation on the back of my recent digital EP release. I really appreciate it, but more to the point, it does actually make a big difference in terms of being able to pursue my musical activities. The good thing about having a blog is that you can see this process for yourself.

Flyer for Madrid

The mean and moody picture is by Emma Jane Richards. It looks like some studio pose but it's simply from my Bangface gig in December 2006, under red and green lights, as I was looking to one side trying to work out which knob to twiddle (hence the hard stare)

Anyway here is the official flyer for Madrid, and it contains all pertinent information:

POLIZØN presenta - por primera vez en Madrid a CYLOB
en un DJ set especial de 3 horas

+ Polizøn DJs

Jueves, 8 De May De 2008
Sala Ritmo y Compás / Conde de Vilches, 22
Metros: Diego de León / Cartagena / Avd. América
Entrada: 12 euros con refresco / cerveza

Más información:

Wednesday 2 April 2008

MMS - Chord Sequencer

Demonstrating the creation and storing of chords, editing individual notes for velocity, tuning and sound variation, editing a separate group of these parameters for the overall chord, and then sequencing these chords. Sorry the harmonies I came up with aren't very nice to listen to, I was concentrating on showing the features and keeping everything in frame.