Saturday 29 March 2008

Chord Store

Literally just got this working.

Friday 28 March 2008

Yeah it looks nice

Dear Novation, please send me one because an endorsement from me would surely send sales figures soaring.

I think it would be fun to turn it into a sequencer, along the lines of this:

with shades of this:

(in both cases, I refer to the concepts shown rather than the music itself!)

Cylob - DJ in Madrid, Spain Thursday 8 May 2008

Somehow, I've managed to cram this gig into my busy schedule:

Thursday 8th may 2008:
Polizøn @ Ritmo y Compás, Madrid

Doors will open at midnight.

More info soon.

Thursday 27 March 2008

MMS - Step Sequencer Play

Demonstrating a few more features, including transforms. I forgot to show that you can also add FX to each step individually, and that each step can play any one of 4 sounds, but anyway you get the idea.

Monday 24 March 2008

More Orange Squares

(Update - see above instead. All my orange squares are at

The step sequencer is new.

Drum Machine Robot

via a million other blogs, but it's too good not to include in my online scrapbook.

Sunday 23 March 2008


Addicted to this tune at the moment, whatever that says.

Plus, check the style in this vid:

What freaks! I mean that in a good way. When I get my own funk band together, I know who to look to for sartorial inspiration.

Wednesday 19 March 2008


Here's a nice page I just found:

I tried to get into trackers a few times but always gave up almost straight away. I stuck with Player Pro for a week or two one time, mainly because I spent 80 dollars on it, but that was all. I thought I would be into the concept of music represented as a load of numbers, since I got started using the MC-50 which is entirely number oriented, and on a miniscule 2 x 16 character display too. Then again, maybe that's the point. The less information your eyes are confronted with, the more you store in your head, and music isn't meant to be seen after all. So it's up to me to make my ideal tracker with something like 8 numbers on display at any one time instead of 800.
Anyway I found these screenshots inspiring, and they're not all trackers, some interfaces look totally bizarre. They all contain links to the programs shown, which is a useful resource if you're into these things. I shall be duly mining these links for inspiration.

P.S. on the subject of bizarre music software, try using Mammut for five minutes without feeling dizzy.

Friday 14 March 2008

MMS - Drum Machine

I've been working on the Monome Music System for a week and a half now, but it didn't make a sound until tonight. The interface lends itself rather obviously to drum programming, which is as good a place to start as any. This is just a demo, so the drum pattern isn't the best ever (especially since I only had one free hand as usual.)

UPDATE: Now up on (and thanks very much to) MatrixSynth.

Wednesday 12 March 2008


Insert impressed expletive here.

Melodyne brought out my female side for doing the vocals to "Pepper Spray," which by the way were originally sung in monotone.

Friday 7 March 2008

Drum arcade makes it on stage

I've been writing Masayuki Akamatsu fan letters, since I found his akaRemote software so useful, and thanks to my SuperCollider classes for his interface I got a mention on his blog, which was cool. I wrote to tell him of my idea for putting arcade players on stage: having witnessed a "drummer" in a Kyoto arcade playing with an incredible degree of accuracy, I figured it would be possible to make a whole band of players following game-style falling blocks, programmed according to my music, and playing as robotically as any machine (95% of my music is rigidly quantised - I see it as part of the challenge to make the expression come from other elements.) He wrote back to link me to a video of his 2001 piece "Pray For Rain" which uses a very similar idea.
Choose your own ending to this post:
"I guess that means great minds really do think alike."
"Next time I'll try to come up with an idea that isn't already seven years old."

DJ Cylob @ Plex, 1 March 2008 - MP3

The usual deal:
click here

Thursday 6 March 2008

It really is this easy

Please don't bother to read this poppycock!
Come on, what are you waiting for, give me your one days wages!

Hey I made it to 200 posts of these self-aggrandising dribblings. Well, I'm not going to make a bar graph or pie chart, but thanks to all those who have been supportive in one way or another over the past year. Sorry if I didn't manage to reply to your email but all communication gets read and nice vibes are appreciated.

Monday 3 March 2008

Pretty Flashing Lights

I'm going to be documenting my Monome experiments via a Vimeo account, so there will soon be plenty of videos of lights darting around in pretty patterns. I have my box next to me now flashing away, it's very therapeutic, like a 21st Century lava lamp.

For all this hot orange square action, click here.