Tuesday 21 October 2008

Thursday 16 October 2008

Vinyl Stock To Go

I have some surplus stock which I just don't have room for any more. These are unplayed copies, currently located in Berlin. Any interest in acquiring them can be directed to dj_cylob@durftal.com.

Kinesthesia Volume 2 x 3
Cylobian Sunset x 9
Rewind x 12
Living In The 1980s bw Sex Machine x 9
Cut The Midrange x 17
Cylobotnia x 3
Cylob Music System Volume 1 x 6
Cylob Music System Volume 2 x 3
Spider Report x 2
Are We Not Men Who Live And Die x 6

Tuesday 14 October 2008

Ambient cloud

Comment if you want to download.

Mansedanse DJ set MP3 via SoundCloud

Testing testing 1 2 SoundCloud let's see if it works shall we

update: yep it looks alright, easy to upload and resulting in a good looking embeddable object with nice functionality.

update2: holy xxxx, I found out that if you want to stick up more than a handful of tracks, it costs quite a lot of money! €60 a year I'd be down with, but €60 a month? I don't think I'll be back. Shame.

Bazfoul Live in Tampere - video

Here is a musical clip from the ambient set, together with a sample of the visuals that were being projected at the same time. They were created with SuperCollider - various presets specifying the shapes and colours were being chosen, mixed up and morphed between in real time. The image compression involved in making and uploading the video has created loads of nasty artifacts not present in the original, just for your information! Although they are sort of cute in themselves. You have to see this projected on a large screen, it looked crisp.

The Rave Cake

It was my birthday in Tampere on Saturday, where I was playing the Mansedanse festival as mentioned previously. To celebrate, two of the crew Hanna and Wilhelmiina baked this crazy rave cake. As can be seen, it was as acid within as on the outside, and a couple of mouthfuls was all it took to experience an intense sugar rush. They also presented me with a pair of limited edition "cylob" labelled mittens, which will come in useful soon enough here in Berlin, where the winters are supposed to be very wintery (today it was 19 degrees and sunny, it didn't stop me trying out the wooly gloves though.)

Shocking Statement

Society will crumble

(thanks to Aleksi for my birthday present new shirt and Sakari Karipuro for the pic, taken at Mansedanse, Tampere last saturday.)

Monday 13 October 2008

CMS Terminal

I got a hardware update for my music system. More soon.

A Picture Of Berlin

I've hardly taken any, but here's one from a few weeks ago.

Wednesday 8 October 2008

Mansedanse, Tampere tomorrow 9th Oct 2008

Word to the Finnish crew, just to remind you that tomorrow I'll be doing this ambient set in Tampere. No, I won't be playing an endless sustained chord, or whale samples... in fact there will be very little use of effects, since it is a bit of a cliche to pile on the delay and reverb under such circumstances, and I wanted to resist this temptation. It will be something between a DJ and a live set: I'll be playing all of my own music, a nice selection of recreated old favourites and new stuff, balancing 8 channels of audio. Last night I programmed the mildly hypnotic visuals. I can't wait to see them projected, it's going to look mental. So come out tomorrow and catch something special... Also don't forget the party on Saturday 11th when I'll be playing the dancefloor set along with DMX Krew and Altern 8, enough said!

More info: Mansedanse 2008