Tuesday 23 March 2010

DJ Cylob @ Liege, Belgium 16 April 2010

Here's the boat party...

Epic Blastware:

Cylob (it says "DJ Live Set" which you should understand as me performing a DJ set whilst being alive. AOK? Good, thanks.)
Ucture / Bioxyo / Shuge / Bishop Dust / Antilux / DJ Bill Doris / Axhan

Friday 16 April 2010 @ Inside Out Boat, Liege


Monday 22 March 2010

DJ Cylob @ Berlin 26 March 2010

This just in: continuing my world tour of Berlin,
Bass Contortion & The Centrifuge present WISP / DJ Cylob / Hecq / Puzzle / Ziggy / missaw / Jade Monkey
@ Tacheles, Oranienburgerstrasse, Berlin-Mitte, Deutschland.
Friday 26 March 2010 / 22:00 / €7

More info:

Friday 5 March 2010

Video for Pepper Spray

James Cameron directing a spectacular one-shot 3D video, featuring a cast of hundreds of amazing dancers busting crazy moves on an alien planet in low gravity in time to my track, is something you won't see at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQac4PJeaJ0

Thursday 4 March 2010

Cylob - Pepper Spray - Cylob Industries CSR 006

At last this will shortly hit the information superbahn: a radio mix, the extended vocal mix and a nice long dub mix called "Maced In The Face." 20 minutes in total so you can truly overdose on that bassline.

I tried to make the artwork colours so that your eyes really hurt when you stare at it, and then it might kind of feel like being maced, although not quite as bad obviously. I placed the 6 by eye as I couldn't be bothered to measure it and it looked alright to me. Would any graphic designers care to chime in before I send it off?

DJ Cylob @ Liège, Belgium 16 April 2010

I said yes to a party on a boat on this date, sounds good! More info will appear here when I receive it.

DJ Cylob @ Berlin, Friday 12 March 2010 (for sure)

Hi, Here is the info for the party I'm DJing at next friday the 12th here in Berlin! The event is called "Overnosed," at the RAW Tempel, Revaler Strasse 99. Others playing are Society Suckers (Mental Ind/Lux Nigra) live, DJ Flush (KilleKill/Shitkatapult), Adam Weishaupt (Salon du Katz´) and K.on.sequenz (Stereo Berlin).
Just to make clear, I am DJing at this event, whatever you may read elsewhere, thanks.
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