Tuesday, 10 July 2007

MultiSlider Composer

Here's the latest function I'm in the process of building into the CMS. I've made the GUI and data handling side, I just have to finish off the actual working bit, but it's doing my head in as usual. The theory isn't so complicated, I just have to take it one step at a time to avoid brain meltdown. Anyway, when it's finished, the shapes that you can draw will be able to be mapped onto parameters in any SoundPatch (which is a sound generating piece of code.) The nifty bit is that you can select a range, and apply simple transforms, such as bringing every 4th slider up a certain amount. I plan to build in other functions when I've got it up and running, such as generating pulses, making sine / square / triangle waves etc. And also to have a similar GUI creating waves for use within SoundPatches.
Next on the to-do list is to make a SoundPatch librarian, so I don't have to keep on making sounds from scratch for every track. After that is to make my own version of Traktor, that won't require making constant micro-adjustments to keep 2 (or more) tracks in time.
I did an interview for Computer Music about my music system, it's supposed to be out next month.

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