Friday, 6 July 2007


The latest Nick Collins jam. I made this GUI in Supercollider for it.

(from the helpfile) "Instruction Synthesis (breakpoint set interpreter) - Converts a buffer of virtual machine instructions into synthesis. Based on breakpoint manipulation with linear interpolation. The limited command set:

0 interpolate from last to new breakpoint over PARAM *5000 samples (ie down to about 10 Hz, sampling rate dependent)
1 new random breakpoint from PARAM.rand2
2 new breakpoint by perturbing last breakpoint amp by PARAM
3 new breakpoint by interpolating from last breakpoint amp to its inversion
4 new beakpoint by interpolating (t=PARAM) last two breakpoints (zero amp breakpoint by instruction (3,1) then (4,0.5))
5 new breakpoint by damping last breakpoint amp (multiply by damping), damping= PARAM
6 new breakpoint at amplitude +PARAM

8 do next command if probability PARAM
9 goto instruction PARAM within the buffer."

As always, it's a case of tweaking the sliders until you get something that sounds good. You can get all manner of things that sound like buzzy cables or radio static, as well as some rich tones - I worked out a hack to be able to play tunes with it. A few of my own (noisy) sound samples are below:

EDIT: I posted the patch to the Supercollider User's List.

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