Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Yes, it really happened.

I'm having a new year clutter clearout, having got myself a scanner recently, so combine the two and here is a mementoid from the past: A flyer for a gig featuring Autechre, Boards Of Canada, Pan (a) Sonic, Mira Calix (before that name existed) and Mark Broom, "headlined" by myself. The inverted commas are appropriate, as the only reason I played last was because Autechre were about to go on tour and needed to rev up the tour bus early, although the promoter rather patronisingly suggested otherwise. Of course half the audience cleared off when I came on stage (not for the last time!) And right down on the bottom of the bill was BOC before their mega-success. I often wonder what might have been, if it had been my brand of crunchy beats and floaty melodies that had caught on instead of theirs, as I bang my head against the wall and sob endlessly! Ha not really, led us a fiver will you guys! Watch out behind you next time you cross the road, alright? Only joking!


em said...

That's geezer!

Anonymous said...

i prefer ae, they dont release plain 'braindance'

Chris said...

Wow, you don't often see stuff like this from so early on surfacing online. Care to share some more of your remembrances of this show?