Saturday, 19 January 2008

Downloads + Hard Sell

(yep, I told you!)

OK let's have a quick recap:-

London, December 2007
Tokyo, October 2007
Osaka, October 2007
London, December 2006

Fribourg, December 2007
Acid On Sea, London 2006
Glade Festival 2005
Britain's Best DJ 2005

Alpine Acid (!)
Get A Taste
Rock The Trojan Fader

Brentford To Little Venice, Winter
Brentford To Little Venice, Spring

Kensington Bells
Japanese Train

You may enjoy these downloads - with a total value of over $60 - absolutely FREE with our compliments! You can purchase more of this stuff by either searching "cylob" on iTunes or similar MP3 store, or by visiting one of these fine retailers.


Anonymous said...

I've been downloading all your free stuff for the last week, and I have to admit that's really great. I promise to buy some flac's (tomorrow) from bleep... but honestly, it is likely I will never pay for mp3 :(

lanatation said...

hello Cylob,
1st off Thanks for mp3 stuff!

What is the track with the mysterious type / slamming pitchbends in your Fribourg DJ set... it's at about 30:50 ?

Fucking Top Anyway

lanatation said...

oops sorry i was looking at remaining time

cylob said...

do you mean this?

lanatation said...

thats the one
whats weird is i was gonna buy it on the strength of the title when it got back in stock a while ago ... gutted i didnt now

Cheers !