Sunday, 27 January 2008


The Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music contains a collection of essays covering the history and methods of electronic music making (funnily enough), along with some artist statements from luminaries such as Stockhausen, Max Mathews, Kevin Saunderson and (ahem) myself... That's right, I'm now a published authority on the subject, and contributer to an official Cambridge University tome, which makes me better than you, obviously. The most important three paragraphs in this publication can be found on page 77 - these alone are worth seventeen pounds of anyone's money.


rank curry said...

safe mate!
Cylob and Saunderson side by side

supercollider book out soon too ? u did anything for that?

Anonymous said...

right i bought it,it best be good now.

cylob said...

huummm... anon, if you don't like it then it's nick collins' fault, alright!
curry, it's going to be a while for the sc book apparently, but since i don't feature, it will surely be a worthless piece of trash anyway.
by the way, you realy have to read what saunderson wrote for this book, it's hilarious!

Anonymous said...
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