Sunday, 25 November 2007

Live in London 6 Dec 2007 - Tickets Link

Here you go:

"World Tour 2007 - Only Live UK Date
Cylob (Cylob Industries, Rephlex, Breakin)
Playing Style-Free Synthetic Sounds"

This description of my music is one of my own devising. Is it a good one or not... well I don't know. Back in the early nineties, myself and the music makers I hung out with were tagged as "Intelligent Techno," which suggests a certain amount of fun-free chin stroking. This description was superseded later that decade by "Intelligent Dance Music" which is even worse, implying an utterly boring, glitchy, unfunky, mathematically constructed, MISERABLE sound - of which there was an abundance, none by myself I would suggest. It was about that time that the word "Braindance" was invented by Rephlex high command, originally meaning any and all types of music that have or ever will exist, i.e. music is music and that's all. However, even this has come to be a byword for a certain style. I think that words are really needed so that "people" know which box to put you into!

So now I want to call my music "Style-Free" after Happoshu, as it kind of sounds like real music, but it is fake and plasticy, lacks any real substance, and is unapologetically synthetic.

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