Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Deflated Hope

I've had about 5 queries (which counts as a deluge, in my book) about the non-appearance of CSR 005 - Inflatable Hope Songs EP. I've made 8 tracks and have been tweaking them, but hearing them together, it feels like listening to 2/3 of an album somehow, so I'm thinking that more songs are needed. There is not much of a theme at work, they vary from industrial to acid to um... style-free. Also I want to make sure that what eventually emerges is of top-notch quality. So I don't know when I will be finished, but in the meantime if you would like to focus some Positive Mental Energy nanowaves from your Vibe-O-Tron into my Mood Recepto-Dish, it would be much appreciated.

1 comment:

Albert said...

fuckin do it like cameo!