Monday, 1 October 2007

Rebuilding the future of days long passed

I was on the way to my local park in order to go for a little run when who should I bump into but Electro Elvis - it's been a few years so it was a bit of a wild coincidence. I was duly informed about the forthcoming Wang party, featuring the unexpected reunion of A Guy Called Gerald and Graham Massey, almost replicating the original 808 State lineup (i.e. Newbuild / Prebuild.) They will be jamming together on the old machines, which I take to mean all the Rolands from 101 to 909 and most stops inbetween. Apparently it's the first time since 88, and word is there won't be another time ever. I suppose whether this makes you even remotely excited or not depends if you're an old bastard, say, in your mid-thirties or so.

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Keng said...

I am a mid 30's bastard and I remember the old days with fond memories...too bad I am half way around the world and can't make the event. :(