Wednesday, 31 October 2007

New Track on MySpace

...if you want it. The song is made up of R-09 samples layered up into a simple loop. The kick drum was recorded at the Meiji Shinto temple in Harajuku, Tokyo. I was taken there by Rusher, one of my Japanese tour fixers, after we visited Five G (don't visit that place unless you have lots of money, otherwise you WILL feel like crying...) Shortly after our arrival, a ceremony took place and one of the temple crew was beating an enormous drum, so I took advantage of the opportunity and whipped out my recorder to capture the sound. Back home I beefed it up with some sub-bass. The claps are a composite from walking around my local area and clapping under various bridge arches, so they have stacks of natural ambience. Added to the basic beat are recordings of me banging my collection of gongs, cowbells and woodblocks in the kitchen, the door closing noise from the Japanese train journey recording below, and some river sounds. After a little while, some Gendy strings join in.

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