Sunday, 10 June 2007

New Releases July 2007

I'm starting my own net label, called Cylob Industries. MP3's will appear first on, then other services will follow in time. These are the first two: they will be available from next month. The single "Rock The Trojan Fader" has already been played on Radio 1 thanks to Mary Anne Hobbs, and can be previewed on my MySpace page. "Trojan Fader Style" is a 1 track album that lasts nearly an hour. If you checked my Bangface live set, you will have a rough idea what some of it sounds like. More info at


Anonymous said...

hello cylob
make sure the bleep mp3 have the best sound quality (not 160kb) but 320/Flac coz yr trx needs the best digital sound. love your latest tunes (bangface mp3!!!!!),

cylob said...

Hi M, yes I've been assured that the boys from bleep do 320 LAME style encoding, which I tried myself recently, and could not tell the difference between that and the uncompressed file. FLAC is supposedly no problem either, but I won't promise that unless it is definately happening. Thanks for the nice words!