Sunday, 24 June 2007


Finished it yesterday:

EDIT: You may preview the Bounds Green album on myspace:


lofixxx said...

hi chris,
really like these old/new tunes. ‘tide’ is beautiful.
let know when it will be released. can’t wait!
btw. waiting for the bribe

Benny Woo said...

Wonderful music. Skylight is gorgeous. How come these have been tucked away for so long?

Looking forward to the entire album.


cylob said...

thanks for the comments. i didn't think i had any tunes left from the old days that were worth releasing, so it was a surprise to find these when i went back through the old tapes. there's no more to it than that really. it will be out on bleep on 10 september, with a limited vinyl edition on weme records as well.
p.s. the bribe comes on 9 july as stated!

Anonymous said...

artwork for the release sept 10,2007?
but people are already commenting on the tracks, how...