Tuesday, 19 June 2007

I'll bribe you

Hi, you may have noticed I've been whoring my tracks around recently, well if you feature the flash player (in the post "Lend An Ear" below) on your website, blog or myspace, I'll send you an exclusive track (promise.) I'm offering to do this up until the 9th July.

You need to paste this code into your website, then send an email to info@cylobindustries.com with "Bribe" in the subject line, your name, the www address of the website you posted it to, and which email address you want me to send the track to, if not the one you're using. (Make sure your email account can handle 5 or 6 MB...) The track will be delivered on or close to 9 July.

1 comment:

dan said...

Wow! This has got to be worth poping my myspace cherry for. Hope you appreciate me giving you my flower. Hahahaha!