Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Rave Cake

It was my birthday in Tampere on Saturday, where I was playing the Mansedanse festival as mentioned previously. To celebrate, two of the crew Hanna and Wilhelmiina baked this crazy rave cake. As can be seen, it was as acid within as on the outside, and a couple of mouthfuls was all it took to experience an intense sugar rush. They also presented me with a pair of limited edition "cylob" labelled mittens, which will come in useful soon enough here in Berlin, where the winters are supposed to be very wintery (today it was 19 degrees and sunny, it didn't stop me trying out the wooly gloves though.)


CMA said...

that cakes insides looks mental!

Chkn said...

One of the best cakes I have EVER seen.. you lucky thing !