Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Mansedanse, Tampere tomorrow 9th Oct 2008

Word to the Finnish crew, just to remind you that tomorrow I'll be doing this ambient set in Tampere. No, I won't be playing an endless sustained chord, or whale samples... in fact there will be very little use of effects, since it is a bit of a cliche to pile on the delay and reverb under such circumstances, and I wanted to resist this temptation. It will be something between a DJ and a live set: I'll be playing all of my own music, a nice selection of recreated old favourites and new stuff, balancing 8 channels of audio. Last night I programmed the mildly hypnotic visuals. I can't wait to see them projected, it's going to look mental. So come out tomorrow and catch something special... Also don't forget the party on Saturday 11th when I'll be playing the dancefloor set along with DMX Krew and Altern 8, enough said!

More info: Mansedanse 2008


Sire said...

Really looking forward to your set! Welcome to Tampere.

piupiu said...


Looking forward to both of your sets! About time to have you playing in Tampere!


dan said...

you rock mate, awesome site

skkatter said...

Have a whale of a time!

hector elector said...

Don't forget to record it for everyone that don't live in FInland!!