Tuesday, 20 May 2008

New Performance System

(thanks to the Polizøn Crew for the vid.)

So this is how it was in Madrid, with my own visuals patch running on a second laptop. The pretty patterns are reflecting the status of buttons on the Monome, the text scrolling at the top is showing track titles, below that is the beat count (ie the number of beats so far) and the text at the bottom is showing things like the BPM, Process.elapsedTime (if you are an SC person you will know what that means) and various rave instructions ("time to make the floor burn" etc.)

Shame it stopped working after about half an hour! It just goes to show, you should always test a system as it will be used. I shan't bore you with the details, but next time it will stay the course, if there is ever a next time... (P.S. I'm perpetually available for discotheque duty.)


polizøn said...

It was a pleasure to host this new performance system! Really enjoyed the gig. Have a nice time in Berlin : )

Anonymous said...

Is that a real 303? Or sc?

You are on to something with those dissonant sounds.

cylob said...

hi anon, it was a dj set, albeit with my own dj-ing system. the 303 is off an old acid record - adonis to be exact, mixed with bogdan raczynski and then mixing into a new global goon track.

Sebastien said...


Excellent madness, then you drop this beautiful melody with this crazy beat...

Superb bit.