Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Madrid Gig Streaming?

I can't guarantee anything, as I don't know on which part of the website it will be available, if at all. However, I've been told my gig in Madrid tomorrow night (Thursday 8th May) will be streamed live here:


Stephen said...

Hey there, thanks for coming to Madrid man. Never thought I'd get so much enjoyment of watching someone push small orange buttons, but it was definitely class. This kind of thing has been rare since I've been here so it was refreshing to see. Really enjoyed the show, a lot except for around 2 o'clock ish when the sound went dead and the look of horror on your face was as if Super collider had crashed? Anyways, not to worry at all, I enjoyed it all the same, great stuff. Good luck with the forthcoming live shows and to the future of the MMS sequencer live!! :) Take care

cylob said...

hi stephen, thanks a lot. as you saw, i had a lot of technical issues, which added to the "excitement"!!! glad you enjoyed it anyway. if you would like to drop me a line with your email address, you will be able to claim your special bonus prize.