Thursday, 14 February 2008

DJ Cylob in Seattle Feb 08 - MP3

pic (c) Damon

DJ eye's view

**** Contains swear words ****

Setlist in the comments.


cylob said...

private lives - don't touch
dmx krew - you can't hide your love (like a tim remix)
cylob - a track from "alpine acid"
cylob - another "alpine acid"
urban tribe - rna world (from authorised clinical trials)
cylob - old 808 break
cylob - formanty acid elk
cylob - acid 1105-2
cylob - turs
cylob - wait acid edity
cylob - how will i die (trojan fader style mix)
cylob - bacidvoxx1
dj cylob - wanger banger (britain's best dj)
art of noise - various bits from "and what have you done to my body, god?"
cylob - brekacidcow
cylob + the dissonants - track2
cylob - get a taste (weakly non-linear mutual attraction mix)
private lives - empty space
cylob - organy elk
cylob - breaks n acid
cylob - twagfk (from tfs)
cylob - cog prolapse (from tfs)
rubiks - actress model (cylob mix)
cylob - nakag2
cylob - formanty acid elk (again)
cylob - turs (again)
cylob - zhwix 1-2 (from tfs)
suburban knight - nocturbulous behaviour
dj cylob - malta teaser (britain's best dj)
arpanet - quantum mix + breaks
mike dred - 98k (cylob edit)
mdk & syntheme - mix of weme tracks
computor rockers - computor interface (breakin)
yvonne - there's a party going on (dub)
like a tim - ??? (something on djax)
cylob - old slow break
urban tribe - gel electrophoresis (authorised clinical trials)
afx - cilonen (from chosen lords)
luke vibert - like a machine (amen andrews vs. spac hand luke)
cylob - diof 97 (like a tim mix)
cristian vogel - whipaspank (cylob mix)
luke vibert - murder (amen andrews vs. spac hand luke)
luke vibert - realistique (kerrier district 2)
adrenalin mod - o-o-o
urban tribe - t-cell (authorised clinical trials)
cylobotnia - turn the mill
bonkers crew - "we got maced!"
cylob - smack em up sharp
cylob - space skramble
cylob - smash up the pram
cylob - bow street bastard
cylob - b and a break fkd
cylob - face something
cylob - deontree
cylob - kweaidac (from weme various acid compilation)
cylob - spider report
dj cylob - j bubble bugle
cylob - b4 luf again (from tfs)
cylob - swampy (lengthened)
basteroid - synclair (cylob mix)
cylob - be my waveguide (tfs mix)
cylob - old 808 break (again)

Anonymous said...

Wow...... the amount of tracks that you fit into an hour is sick. Listening to the set in work now.

Cheers Chris.............................

Anonymous said...

Did you break a barbed shillelagh on the guy yapping over top the recording?

Zillion said...

that's me yapping over that mix sucka!!! The night was awesome and thanks for posting this mix Chris > BONKERS! 4 Ever.

Sebastien said...

The first track is really good ; is it released ? At least, it's not on

Wouha, i like it a lot !