Friday, 8 February 2008

3 things about the Seattle gig

photo (c) Damon

1. The Bonkers crew, who put on the party, and 99% of the audience, were super friendly. However, Mace was sprayed in the venue during my set - under what circumstances is unclear, so for the last half an hour there was a weird peppery sensation in the air.

2. After I played, one audience member asked if he could make an equipment donation in person rather than through PayPal. No problem! I accepted without counting, which would have been vulgar and it would have meant the same whether large or small. Of course I checked it later, and was shocked at the amount - thank you kind Sir, you were very generous.

3. This was the second gig I've done performing entirely with my own DJ software, without the use of a safety net, and the first using my recently acquired (last sunday) Monome 128. I barely touched the laptop or mixer - the Monome was used to control track selection, loading and playing, random access, looping, crossfading and tempo, and worked flawlessly (apart from slips of fingers now and again.) A future post will reveal more details. Using SuperCollider, I wrote the DJ prog in 2 weeks, and the Monome interface in 3 1/2 days, so you can take your shitty Max / MSP patch and stick it up your arse!


Plik said...

:( Alas I couldn't make it, too much snow to drive over the mountains. Did you make a recording by chance?!

Sounds like it was an interesting show man (Cylob with a side of pepper!), cheers to you venturing out to the pnw! Hope you come back again sometime soon when this insane winter we've been having retreats and I don't need a mountaineers kit to make it to Seattle.

Really diggin Late in the Day! Keep it up mate!

Those Damn said...

Great show last night Cylob! You consistently put on a great show. It was so good to get dancing again.

The mace did give a weird element to the end of your set, but then I love having a dramatic story for the next day :)

Come back to Seattle soon!

Anonymous said...

Long story short, that was amazing. Come back soon now

Datascraper said...

Im way too far away to have been able to make that show (sucks for me), but I am really interested in an in depth review of the monome. As it relates to your custom software and any other applications you might use it for.

Ive been following your software development and I am curious about your interfaces.

Oh yeah, and any recording of the show?


cylob said...

hi responders, thanks for all the nice words. i will post more about the monome soon. i recorded the set but haven't checked it out yet or made a decision whether or not to put it online.

David said...

Too bad I was on the other side of the country. My wife and I have loved your music for years, and your Music System 3000 software is amazing and refreshing. Hope to see you on the East Coast of the US someday!

Ian said...

Fantastic show. We'll look forward to seeing you again. Take care!