Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Swiss Tour

The details have been flooding in on the Cylobian Newswire, and we can now bring you the following HARD FACTS:

- 21.12.07
venue: schlachthofstrasse 10, basel
line-up: djs: cylob, tampon, pretuval, das konzentrat

- 22.12.07
venue: kalkbreite, zurich
line-up: djs: cylob, deadbybeats, bronkobitch, the dean soniks
hepp (live)

- 23.12.07
venue: fri-son, fribourg
line-up: dj cylob, dj aikon, tastatur (live)

- 24.12.07
venue: himmel, seewen (sz)
line-up: djs: cylob, tampon, pretuval

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