Sunday, 23 December 2007

Progress Report

From backstage at Fri-Son in Fribourg:

By and large, the Kombine BeatHarvester has worked well. I've been pretty pleased with its performance, given that it's only 2 weeks old, but then again I did experience some nasty bugs while on dancefloor duty! I've just squashed the one which would render the whole program inactive if I tried to rewind to a minus beat number - for which I had to restart about 10 times while DJing in Zurich. Also before that gig, I changed some of the key commands, which wasn't such a good idea since one of the deck select keys was also assigned to "reverse." On the upside, I've been having fun with 4 deck playback and the reverse function, and with piling many loops on top of each other now and again.

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Anonymous said...

the risks are part of the live game/thrill i guess.