Saturday, 25 August 2007

It's Time To Chill

What kind of idiot would play my music on the radio? well...

"The Chillage Idiots this sunday (26 August) on XFM Dublin.
The Chillage idiots broadcast between 8pm & 10pm GMT approx
Go & click the launch radio icon

New & recent releases
previewed on this sundays show :
Paul Hannah : Superfly (Ferox)
Cylob : Formant potation (Cylob industries)
Rubens : Puggies / vertical hold (Herb)
Alka : Principles of suffocation ( electronic eel)
An Taobh & Tuathail : Vol 1 (psychonavigation)
Kettel : whisper me wishes (clone)
Move D : 10/11 live at Johanneskirche (bine)
Bola : Kroungrine (Skam)

plus more music from System exclusive (unsigned)
& lots more recent releases & past classics.."

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Anonymous said...

You, Mr. Cylob, are marginally famous. I, am not at all. However, that has not diminished my enthusiasm for noisemaking as an intense but monetarily irrelevant hobby. My dayjob is frustrating and maybe my music is too!

It's all free and it's all for you.