Monday, 6 August 2007

I AM playing the Isle Of Wight!

All the info is on the Shoom Myspace.

Friday 28th September 2007 9PM - 2AM


Dj Cylob
(rephlex, warp records, soul jazz)


Lovegunn - B3nx0r - My Friend Jared - Dj Drut - George Cross - Ill Al

Electronica, acid house, old skool, drum and bass, electro and techno in the main room

Live electro pop, house and electronica upstairs

Gona be like a trip back to 92 (-:

Spread over 2 Rooms at Ryde Theatre we're gona be changing around the layout of the venue and building our own stages, so the whole nights going to be alot more packed and intimate than usual. We've also got loads of new artwork from n8th and M1, alongside a massive lightshow with stobes, lazers, smoke and scanners...with live visuals in the main room by Ben Francis (tbc)

Plus there's plenty of glow sticks + inflatable rave toys in the post from America as i type.... and we're hiring in extra sound up to a chest boxing 16k - lets hope the theatre can stand it (-:

Cylob is a f!@*ing legend and its gona be amazing having him down to play on the island, his demo was picked up by Aphex Twin in 1993 and he's been releasing cuts on Rephlex, Breakin', Warp, Weme and Soul Jazz records since.
His Dj sets are sure to rock any dance floor seemlessly mixing acid house and rave classics alongside his own tunes and afx style electronica....Can't wait for this one.....

Set phazers to rave.....

And remember.... Less of a club... More of a party (-:

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