Thursday, 4 March 2010

DJ Cylob @ Berlin, Friday 12 March 2010 (for sure)

Hi, Here is the info for the party I'm DJing at next friday the 12th here in Berlin! The event is called "Overnosed," at the RAW Tempel, Revaler Strasse 99. Others playing are Society Suckers (Mental Ind/Lux Nigra) live, DJ Flush (KilleKill/Shitkatapult), Adam Weishaupt (Salon du Katz´) and K.on.sequenz (Stereo Berlin).
Just to make clear, I am DJing at this event, whatever you may read elsewhere, thanks.
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fr said...

hiho cylob...what is your showtime for making dj-music ?


cylob said...

Hi, as far as I know, from 3 - 5 am.