Thursday, 7 January 2010

Net Radio 2200 GMT Tonight Thursday 7 Jan

Not much notice about this I know, but I only just found out! The set I played in Berlin a couple of months ago is being aired on tonight sometime after 10PM GMT, more info here.


Thane said...

I missed it, but I have learnt through the power of bookmarks to not miss anything you say again you wonderful synth demon.

On the subject of synths, I've had a look at The Cylob Music System and remembered my brush at trying to use Supercollider, I remember making some bell sounds. Do you use Super Collider to create allot of your synths? I can see how creating interesting Frequency Modulation would be possible there.

Anonymous said...

hi cylob
what is the track playing aT 1hr 1min 39sec on your set, the heavy noisy one?

cylob said...

Hi Thane, I use SC for practically everything.
Hi Anon, do you mean the re-edit of this?

Anonymous said...

thats the one, thankyou x