Wednesday, 11 November 2009

DJ Cylob @ Berlin, 27 Nov 2009

[UPDATE] I'm supposed to be on at 4AM!

A mini-gig in Tacheles, which will be my first and probably last time playing there - I thought it had already been shut down but it's still hanging on, the last little piece of anarchy left in the centre of Berlin.

Freitag 27 November, 2200 Uhr @ Tacheles, Oranienburgerstrasse, Berlin-Mitte.
Cylob (Rephlex, Breakin’, Cylob Industries)
Puzzleweasel (Tigerbeat6, Sublight)
Quip (The Centrifuge)
Vertical67 (Acroplane)
Nexus (The Centrifuge)
Herv (Acroplane)
TCO (The Centrifuge)
Loom (Acroplane)
Atlas Moth (Rock Paper Scissor)
Phlex (Rock Paper Scissor)
missaw (The Centrifuge)

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