Saturday, 1 August 2009

Catching Up With Pods Fully Cast

(image from Vintage Synth Explorer)

I've been a bit lazy about checking them out, but EDMX's podcast series is now up to number nine, although then again it's not so bad to have an extended session of the ones I haven't heard yet. If you're unaware, they feature tracks being played one after the other with Ed talking inbetween, musing about the history of the music and people he has encountered. It's like Radio 2 only with decent music. Plus there is this ancient page from the site that hasn't been updated in at least 18 months!

[update] Just found out I'm a human sex machine (@ Podcast 8) glad to hear it!

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gibbon said...

Bloody hell I didn't even know about that! Cheers just downloaded the lot!