Friday, 17 April 2009

The DJ Cylob Comeback World Tour Summer 2009

Imagine if a hyperbolic turn of phrase was written here, and that it had generated an excited response in your brain and body.

Note to self: don't forget to turn up for these gigs. (You think I'm joking, don't you?)

Sat 9 May: Berlin, Germany
Fri 15 May: Ghent, Belgium
Fri 22 May: Exeter, UK
Fri 12 June: Seattle, USA
Sat 13 June: Portland, USA
Wed 24 June: Moscow, Russia

[UPDATED 20 Apr to include Portland date.]


zeus said...

come to miami!

Anonymous said...

cool. but why always DJ? it always seems a shame that someone who actually makes music turns up and just play other people's mixes, which yes i think most anyone with a bit of taste could do. why not play your own stuff live, and maybe even bust out a keyboard or something and actually play?

cylob said...

Hi Anon, thanks for saying hi! I would counter that I don't turn up and just play other people's mixes. It's usually the case that most of the stuff played is my own, either released, unreleased, or personal edits of other things. In order to do that, I'm using custom software with Monome and iPod Touch controllers, adding live effects and messing with the playback in various other ways. I've posted most of the DJ sets played in the last few years, so before expressing your disappointment, how about scrolling down this blog, downloading a few, and giving them a listen.

Anonymous said...

hey, i agree, from the sounds of it you're one of the more creative djs and i realize you're doing more than just playing back records, but doing stuff with effects, etc. but just the fact that it's called a dj set implies that it's not live, which begs the question, why not a live set instead? perhaps the dj sets are more in demand?

Anonymous said...

Where can i pick up tickets???

Stephen said...

Comeback tour? You never went away! :D

Anonymous said...

Whereabouts in Exeter are you playing??

td said...

hi ano

yes i see what your saying

but its also nice to hear what music excites cylob.

nxt time we will ask him to play live.

the gig is at the exeter phoenix
in the center of exeter

regards the organiser