Thursday, 7 August 2008

DJ Cylob @ Club Maria - MP3

I'm in two minds about this set... for one thing, there were some technical difficulties at the start. (A particularly slack 10 minutes has been edited out of the recording below. I haven't been too Stalinesque though, there are plenty of mistakes later on, don't worry about that.) These are mostly tunes I've played many times before, I don't know why I wasn't being very adventurous with the selection. On the other hand, the new skippy functions and liberal use of effects gives the set plenty of interesting moments. There is no crowd noise on the recording, but the response was really good! The best there's been in a while. Also, the visuals went really well, which was a bonus. OK so judge the recording for yourself.

Part 1 / Part 2

p.s. If you find the last five minutes a little hectic, try following that with something a bit more chilled out.


Anonymous said...

great ! really!!! i like the part(1) starting at 00:16:00. Fuckking YESS!!! For such moments I could crow "cylob"!!
I miss your last gig in I have to come to killekill or powdel!!tom

dupo said...

You start abit slow with part one,Really liked the rhythm of the first track,nice playing with your organ from 1:20 :,there is acts that smells like 80's, i like it! (38:50), the moves and mixes from track to track abit wierd and cut (but who gives a fuck),Part2 some really nice Breaky sounds,38:13 OMG what is it ?! I remember this track but slower than this and from and from 40:19 I just felt like im in the beach with palm trees also reminds me the american ninja movie sounds like :P.
last words...You are a killa, Really like your uique music.
(If you need more or specific details let me know) :)


SQR said...

But the question was do you know what the Rome 2002 track(aphex rephlex night) is? the one where the whole IDM community is talking about(the one you also played in some magic moment)

I only want to know if it is from richard d. james himself or when it comes out properly maybe?

cool set BTW:),