Friday, 18 July 2008

DJ Cylob @ Braunschweig 12 July - MP3

You know the score...



This time, the visuals worked like a charm, along with a few additions. The real-time stats have been improved, and the visual representation of DJ-ing activity now includes when the effects are patched in. See it for yourself in a couple of weeks in Berlin!
Music-wise this was a mostly solid selection with the odd wacky moment... I had a mishap halfway through when the Monome became unplugged, which meant I had to then restart my program, playing a track off iTunes in the meantime. That didn't seem to ruin things too much though.


analogassailant said...

Thanks for posting your set! How you getting on with ze germans?

churst1 said...

great set. thanx dude, keep up da good work.

Keiron said...

Thanks chris!!!! look forward to listening to this.... I've been out of the world of Mr Cylob for a while,

Just had to give in and buy my first digital album, Formant Potaton, loving it .. I want to see you naked is so totally stuck in my head, thanks for giving me that obsession with a song feeling again I haven't had for so long! ;).

I forsee more flac purchases when funds permit :)

cylob said...

hi crew, good to read your comments. i'm having a nice time in berlin, thanks for asking.