Monday, 7 April 2008

Flyer for Madrid

The mean and moody picture is by Emma Jane Richards. It looks like some studio pose but it's simply from my Bangface gig in December 2006, under red and green lights, as I was looking to one side trying to work out which knob to twiddle (hence the hard stare)

Anyway here is the official flyer for Madrid, and it contains all pertinent information:

POLIZØN presenta - por primera vez en Madrid a CYLOB
en un DJ set especial de 3 horas

+ Polizøn DJs

Jueves, 8 De May De 2008
Sala Ritmo y Compás / Conde de Vilches, 22
Metros: Diego de León / Cartagena / Avd. América
Entrada: 12 euros con refresco / cerveza

Más información:

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uge said...

Yeahhh!!! I can't wait! :-)