Friday, 7 March 2008

Drum arcade makes it on stage

I've been writing Masayuki Akamatsu fan letters, since I found his akaRemote software so useful, and thanks to my SuperCollider classes for his interface I got a mention on his blog, which was cool. I wrote to tell him of my idea for putting arcade players on stage: having witnessed a "drummer" in a Kyoto arcade playing with an incredible degree of accuracy, I figured it would be possible to make a whole band of players following game-style falling blocks, programmed according to my music, and playing as robotically as any machine (95% of my music is rigidly quantised - I see it as part of the challenge to make the expression come from other elements.) He wrote back to link me to a video of his 2001 piece "Pray For Rain" which uses a very similar idea.
Choose your own ending to this post:
"I guess that means great minds really do think alike."
"Next time I'll try to come up with an idea that isn't already seven years old."

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