Monday, 10 September 2007

Bounds Green released today

Bleep: download
Warpmart: vinyl & CD
Boomkat: vinyl CD download
Norman Records: vinyl CD
WeMe: vinyl

I offloaded the rest of the CDs onto Warpmart, Boomkat and Norman Records. Norman Records have already sold out of them. The vinyl is also pretty limited so don't hang around if you want that... MP3s are eternal of course!

*** If you run a record shop and are interested to get some CDs in of this release, or you know someone in that situation, get in touch... If I can get orders for about 100 more then it will be worth manufacturing a second batch.


scitotils said...

Hi Cylob,
Formant Potaton is ACE!
No chance of a proper CD run I suppose?
(I will print out the cover if not but it will still look bit cheapy).

Anonymous said...

>> still
dont know why that word is there

Theo said...

" 04 - Out (1:57)"

superb tune.


The Troll said...

This is one of my favourite albums and I would love to get a copy of it on CD. I don't have a record player and downloads aren't really for me either. Any chance of selling me a copy?