Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Happy to be crappy

I made 4 demo tracks yesterday, they are all diabolical but I'm happy about that. It's the worst thing in the world to sit down and start being creative, in any capacity, with the expectation that something should be immediately "good". In my experience, it's the kind of thinking that leads to writer's block, especially if your living depends on that particular creative activity. "Mistakes" are good for experience and exploration. As it happens, I did come up with some interesting sounds anyway. For instance, a "snare" made from a rapidly retriggered physically-modelled mandolin with a pitch envelope, a "kick" using a clarinet model, an acid line played with a chaotic oscillator. As soon as I give them some decent notes to play, instead of the dismal ones I chose yesterday, we'll be rocking.

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