Thursday, 22 February 2007

Stop Press about Liverpool

Looks like Oracle Alkaline Posse has been added to the bill:


Deep said...

I like that flyer. Really stands out and kind of reminds me of the doodlings on the back page of any work book at school.

I wonder what the value of labels in brackets next to the artists names is.

I can only imagine the promoters may think that a viewer may decide to go and see an artist based on the label next to the artist instead of the artist themselves.

In the case of these labels I think their output demands a listenership that would already know about the artits on their roster.

I'd like to see your name on a poster without the parenthised hints as to your achievements.

The name Cylob speaks volumes on its own.

isocore said...

hello, i'm one of the man on the list! my label on brackets is know we organized a venue in liverpool from italy.. it sounds difficult isn't it? so i helped myself by writing famous labels as firstcask and breakin between the brackets! obviously milanese is one o f Warp records main artists :) beeella

isocore said...

ooops there's no label in brackets for me :( eheheh

isocore said...

beeer is bad.. now i got what you mean with alcaline.. any pics made by you of th night?bella!